State of Nature Podcast

November 14, 2010

'State of Nature' by Simon Turley is Theatrescience's newest production. A tale of love, loss and genetics it premieres at the Eden Project from 17 November 2010. This podcast is a live recording of the full play, during rehearsal at Islington Arts Factory.

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Uganda: Acting Against Worms Podcast

March 10, 2010

Bilharzia is a disease caused by worms which live in fresh water throughout regions of sub-Saharan Africa. Daily activities expose people to infection, which over time can lead to the characteristic swollen bellies and even death if left untreated. Rebecca Gould and Jeff Teare started work in Uganda on 'Acting Against Worms' in October 2009. This is being run by the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative and is an educative drama project with primary schools in the Busia district of East Uganda.

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Telling Stories Podcast

January 10, 2010

The second Wellcome Trust International Public Engagement Workshop took place in Bangalore in December 2009, and was curated by Rebecca Gould. The theme of the workshop was ‘Telling Stories: Why narrative matters in public engagement with science’, and asked the questions: when and how can we use storytelling properly in public engagement – and what are the potential dangers of misusing it? This podcast captures some of the moments and discussions from the wide-ranging programme.

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