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December 01, 2009

Updates on projects in Uganda, India and the UK.

The video and podcast from our recent work in Uganda are now on our new website (Click here to see project page) and will also appear on the SCI Imperial site. We await show ideas from the nine schools we worked with, which will be discussed at a meeting in London before Christmas. After that we’ll be making plans for in-school project development and the Festival back in Uganda in April.

Rebecca is curating the Wellcome International Public Engagement Conference in Bangalore in early December, assisted by Jess. Jeff, Simon, Runa, Jagu, Ruchika, Sukhi and Paul Sirett will be there representing Theatrescience and Jagriti Theatre. Meanwhile scripts from our collaboration with the National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS) are in development, and we look forward to seeing the next stage of this work in 2010.

Our first workshop at the Eden Project was a very interesting crash-course in Genetics and Health, even for those of us who thought we knew quite a lot of it already. It was also a great social occasion not only for the Theatrescience team but a whole bunch of new people. We’re currently waiting for pitches from the eleven writers involved before we commission new scripts in January, hopefully for production in November 2010.

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