India, Uganda, UK

September 30, 2009

We’ve just got back from Bangalore where we’ve been further developing our NCBS plays, ‘The Clearing’ (about invasive species, of all types) and ‘Amol’s Stories’ (about PTSD and memory). It is planned that these plays will be presented in 2010 by Jagriti Theatre.

Rebecca has also been organising her Wellcome International Public Engagement Conference for December at which Theatrescience will be represented.

Jeff has been researching his play ‘Darwin in India’ (about how Darwin/Evolution has/has not influenced Indian culture and thought) which will hopefully be performed in 2010.

In a couple of weeks we’re due in Uganda to start an educational drama project on Bilharzia prevention.

In November we start our ‘Not My Fault’ programme of workshops and performances at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK. This major undertaking will involve scientists, clinicians, writers, theatre practitioners and audiences in ‘gentic variance and health’ issues (see previous new items).

So, we’re being busy - watch this, er, virtual space!

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