‘Not My Fault’ bounds forward!

February 12, 2010 :: Related project: Not My Fault

The latest update on ‘Not My Fault’, including brand new play commissions from playwrights and young writers from the South West.

Following the inspirational weekend of workshops and discussions at the Eden Project the Theatrescience team were delighted to receive a wide range of intriguing and exciting ideas from the writers, which displayed great potential for creation of excellent new work.  Our current funding situation means that we are able to commission three new plays; Selma Dimitrijevic and Simon Turley will be working with us to develop their ideas over the coming months and we are still discussing the third.  As well as receiving dramaturgical support, an integral part of the process will be working with scientists and clinicians to inform the development of the plays – a dialogue that not only ensures that the plays are scientifically accurate, but also sparks ideas and has the potential to take the work into new territory.

We are also developing three of the proposals submitted by the young writers, who showed a thoughtful and imaginative engagement with the both the ethics of science and the space and environment at the Eden Project.  Director Jeff Teare is in conversation with the young South West-based writers about the next stages for their work, and we are in the process of engaging another talented, emerging writer to be part of this group.

While we expect the writers’ ideas to change, respond and grow during their development, the themes and images suggested will enable us to continue conversation with the Eden Project about how the work will be sited, to create the best possible relationship between space, place, content and performance. 

Our commitment to sharing knowledge, and the encouragement of ongoing debate inspired by the issues addressed in the work, is of vital importance to the quality and relevance of this project.  As well as continuing our key relationship with Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry, we are seeking out new partnerships that will contribute to our ethos of creative conversation.  We are also trying out new ways for people to engage with the work-in-development, including the instatement of this monthly project update, the ability to follow Theatrescience’s thoughts and ideas on Twitter, and - we hope! – podcasts of workshops and discussions later in the year. 

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