Theatrescience at the Eden Project

July 02, 2009 :: Related project: Not My Fault

Funding has now been secured, from the Wellcome Trust, for Theatrescience to mount a major programme of work, ‘Not My Fault - Genetic Predisposition or Personal Responsibility?’ at the Eden Project, Cornwall, UK.

Three main, together with six short, plays will be commissioned from experienced and emerging writers to be performed at Eden in late 2010 or early 2011.
Our partners are the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry and the Ridgeway Specialist Science School, Plymouth.

We officially start on the 1st of August but discussions with scientists and clinicians are already taking place as to specific subject areas.

Meanwhile the two plays begun during our residency at NCBS, India are being further developed with a view to full performance before the end of the year.

From very small beginnings, Thearescience is now operationg in India and the UK and its work has been presented at conferences in South Africa and Argentina. We’ve also been asked to do work in Uganda and possibly Holland…

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